BeeWi Smart Home system

Thank you for selecting the range of connected objects BeeWi Smart Home products. This system is a unique platform taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by Bluetooth Smart technology to control your home automation devices locally or over the internet using BeeWi Web Applications and mobile.


Bluetooth Smart

The Bluetooth Smart technology, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, and Bluetooth 4.0, relies on a short-range wireless signal. Its particularity is a reduced energy consumption but providing the same connection range as classic Bluetooth. The special feature of the BeeWi Smart Home range is to rely entirely on BLE, both in local and in internet mode.


Compatibility Bluetooth Smart for your Smartphone or Tablet

All new Smartphones or tablets news on the market and based on iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating systems / Windows Mobile 10 are equipped with a  BLE chip to ensure compatibility with the BeeWi Smart Home products.

Mobile applications and local mode


Beewi Smart home compatible Bluetooth Smart objects are directly controlled by BeeWi SmartPad Applications Mobile (for Smart Plug, Smart Bulbs, Smart Temp), TrackerPad (for Smart Tracker) and CamPad (for Smart camera HD, downloadable on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Web applications and internet mode (gateway mode)


Beewi provides a BeeWi home Web Application accessible from the URL to on any internet browser of a computer, Smartphone or a tablet.

All features of Beewi-home Application are available on BeeWi SmartPad mobile Application working on internet mode.


The control of connected objects on the internet mode requires the installation of the BEG200 internet gateway that deploys a private Bluetooth Smart internal network.

Available services

The connected objects developed around BeeWi Smart Home already offer a wide range of services such as temperature reading and alert (Smart Temp and Smart Plug), a remote controlled electric plug and a presence detection alert (Smart Plug), an entry and exit detector from Smart network (Smart Tracker) and a whole range of LED connected bulbs which can be controlled individually or in a group of associated bulbs.

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