The BBP200 Smart Plug, one of the most innovative of its generation, can be fully controlled remotely using a dedicated Smartphone app. It is fully programmable and can be used to remotely control AC power source to an external appliance as well as monitoring motion and temperature in its environment. It is perfectly suited for various types of home automation applications :

  • Turn on and off appliances manually using either included button or app button
  • Turn on and off appliances based on time, temperature or motion events
  • Monitor histories such as motion events and temperature curve

Compliant with latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it is compatible with other Smart ready devices such as Smartphones and Tablets by means of dedicated applications.


  1. AC Plug
  2. AC Socket
  3. Control Button (Socket Power On/Off and Pairing)
  4. Status Light
  5. Motion Sensor
  6. Temperature Sensor
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