Pairing steps in local mode : 

  1. Installing the Beewi Smartpad Application
  2. You must first proceed with the installation of the Beewi SmartPad on your Smartphone or Tablet iOS or Android Application, available on App Store (Apple iOS) or Play Store (Google Android).
  3. Stages of the pairing in local mode
  4. Install your Smart Plug on an electrical plug
  5. Launch the Beewi SmartPad Application and select local mode
  6. Select "add device" on the SmartPad Application
  7. Press the Smart Plug button for 2 seconds until the indicator flashes twice per second
  8. The Smart Plug appears after a few seconds in the list of identified products
  9. Select the Smart Plug in the list Confirm the request for pairing
  10. The Smart Plug is now connected. You can access the features of the product in local mode.
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